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the world\'s fastest client managment solution for IBM Notes
Regardless of your environment, configuration, project MarvelClient is essential to help you streamline, manage and control your IBM Notes users! Take control of those workspace icons,  bookmarks, replicas, replicator pages, toolbars, location and connection documents, cross certificates, and even Eclipse components while making your Notes client faster!
The perfect companion for upgrades, consolidations, audits, migrations and more, MarvelClient can  enforce any Notes setting on‐demand, on a one time basis, as well as permanently – for certain users, groups, certifiers and/or on clients with specific properties, such as only on laptops, users on VPN or Citrix, or users with a certain IP address range.
This means you\'re able to define and automatically inventory enforce "the perfect Notes configuration" for any  user or even for brand new machines and save you the trouble of having a technicial go through that 20 page setup document.  With one single DLL and a few notes.ini lines and no other components, you are in full control of your Notes clients, right from the very first client startup. Better yet, MarvelClient can do all that while saving 95% of managed storage space while reducing network traffic up to 95%!
MarvelClient is transparent and can execute actions once, three times, every 1st of the month, only if the user is on VPN, in Citrix or persistently at every client start, which means you\'ll never have to answer support calls about users being in the wrong location document, or users even having a wrong connection document, for example.
Try a free evaluation with over 100 sample actions and find out what a full client inventory with over 200 collected settings looks like in your environment. And with our built-in network latency and client performance measuring features, you can not only fix and configure Notes clients, but actually make Notes faster and reducing client startup time by 70%!
Preventing Notes support situations, rather than reacting to them and having unhappy (and un-productive) users, is what MarvelClient is all about. Having Notes clients that can "heal themselves" based on locally stored actions -even without connection to the enterprise is why our customers are able to reduce the number of helpdesk calls, by up to 80%!
Enjoy improved productivity for end users with MarvelClient because of frictionless daily operations of Notes clients. Finally gain control and improved efficiency running a Notes/Domino infrastructure through reduced costs and daily operational work.
Over four million licensed module users in over 40 countries can\'t be wrong!
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